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Government Curbing Energy Prices

In 2013 Ed Miliband suggested that a Labour government would cap energy prices. The Daily Mail dubbed it as a socialist / Marxist failed intervention. Apparently it isn’t when the Tories suggest it…

CLP Meetings for 26th April & 24th May 2017 are cancelled

Constituency Labour Party Meetings of 24th April and 24th May 2017 are cancelled due to the General Election

Biggin Hill Airport Online Flight Information Now Available

The online noise level website for local flights to and from Biggin Hill Airport is now available

Bromley Council “fails” another OFSTED inspection

Another Inspection of a Bromley Council Service fails…. 3 services in the last 2 years….

Orpington CLP Supporting the NHS & Social Care

250,000 demonstrators took to the streets of London on Saturday 4th to fight for the NHS, Orpington CLP members were there!

Council Tax rising, services sinking.

3.99% Council Tax increase (1.99% plus 2% Social Care Precept) with promise of more street cleaning, more trees and no cuts… The world in Bromley is all rosy this year… are there local councils elections impending?????…..

Health Campaigns Together

March to Parliament on Saturday 4th March from Tavistock Square at 12:00 noon.

Adult Social Care – Paying more for Less?

We paid £2.6m in a 2% Adult Social Care precept on our council tax last year and the Social Care Budget was slashed by £10m – Are Bromley ratepayers getting an improved Adult Social Care service as a result????

Christmas 2016 and New Year 2017 and all that…

Seasonal wishes and dates for your new 2017 paper Diary your Gran gave you for Christmas….

Scrooge Bromley Tories deny Council Tax Relief for its Own Young People Leaving Care

Tory “Scrooges” ignore OFSTED and think “Care leavers should learn the lessons of life the same as everyone else”